Our Mission Reinforcing Global Food Security

Our Core Purpose

Harnessing the confluence of the unique Israeli eco-system of life science, data science and AI, innovation  and entrepreneurship, creative business combinations and experienced global business leaders in pursuit of solutions to major challenges the planet is facing at the intersection of  food security and climate change, incubating and building leading companies with global impact

Our Story

Our Process

Our Inspiration

“If you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world”

This saying is attributed to Archimedes of Syracuse in ancient Greece, who is considered to be the greatest mathematician of ancient history and one of the greatest of all times. Inspired by Archimedes, who through geometry and physics invented the principles for technologies that revolutionized engineering in ancient times, inventions like the pulley, the fulcrum and the lever – that are still used today.

Archimedes' portrait in brown sepia colors

"If the distance a from the fulcrum to where the input force is applied is greater than the distance from fulcrum to where the output force is applied, then the lever amplifies the input force"

The fulcrum and the lever are still in use today

Archimedes' Lever
Archimedes' Lever

Our identity

We crafted our brand and logo to portray the Archimedes leverage point.
AgChimedes harnesses the confluence of the unique Israeli eco-system of Life Science, Data Science, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and deploy the novel technologies to create scaled up solutions across core food security domains

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