Revolutionizing Plant Genetics

About NetaGenomiX

NetaGenomiX stands at the forefront of plant genetics, dedicated to developing sustainable and nutritious crops that are robust and resilient to climate change. Harnessing our revolutionary gene-editing technology, we fulfill the full potential of the complex plant genome by designing and creating crops that can withstand the challenges of climate change. By doing so, NetaGenomiX provides solutions to the mission of enhancing future global food safety and security.

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The Problem

In the realm of gene-editing of crop plants, a critical challenge lies in unveiling the multitude of agricultural traits concealed within gene families. These hidden characteristics hold the key to crop resilience and nutritional values, yet they remain elusive due to complex genetic shielding.

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NetaGenomix vision

NetaGenomiX aims to develop, grow and supply superior annual and perennial, high-yielding, sustainable crop varieties, better adapted to climate change, with improved nutritional and health properties.

The Solution

Revolutionizing Crop Development with Precision and Scale

Groundbreaking Gene-editing Platform

With NetaGenomiX groundbreaking gene-editing platform, we are redefining plant breeding possibilities in plant breeding. 

Leveraging Advanced Bioinformatics

Leveraging advanced bioinformatics, sophisticated CRISPR libraries, and precise genome editing techniques, NetaGenomiX provide genome editing at the genome-wide scale. Moreover, the platform allows for the simultaneous targeting of multiple members within gene families. 

Unlocking the Full Potential

Our approach is not just about making incremental changes: it's about unlocking the full potential of plant genomes. 

Screening Thousands of Plants

This enables to generate thousands of plants, each modified in multiple genes, overcoming the challenges of genetic redundancy, and bringing forth a new era of climate-smart crop varieties.

NetaGenomiX Management

Prof. Itay Mayrose

Prof. Itay Mayrose

CSO & Co-Founder

Itay Mayrose is a professor at the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security, Tel Aviv University, Israel, where he leads the lab of plant evolution, bioinformatics, and comparative genomics. Prof Mayrose specializes in the development of novel algorithms and AI-based tools for plant genomic research and is a world leader in plant genomics, genome evolution, and phylogenetics.

Prof. Eilon Shani

Prof. Eilon Shani

CTO & Co-Founder

Eilon Shani is a professor at the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He is a leader in plant molecular biology, developing novel genome-scale CRISPR libraries that allow targeting multiple genes from the same family to overcome functional redundancy in plants.

Ido Braker

Ido Braker


Ido Braker, CEO of NetaGenomiX, exemplifies the pinnacle of leadership in the intersection of agriculture and government operations. His academic background, which includes a degree in Agricultural Engineering, an MBA, and a Harvard Fellowship, has laid a solid foundation for his remarkable leadership skills. Ido’s distinguished career features a significant tenure as a top executive in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. There, he demonstrated exceptional proficiency in leading multidisciplinary approach, notably directing critical international projects focused on enhancing regional food security.

Dr. Osnat Yanai

Dr. Osnat Yanai


As the COO of NetaGenomiX, Dr. Osnat Yanai combines her extensive academic knowledge in Molecular Biology & Plant Genetics with over 12 years of diverse professional experience. Her work spans from innovative startups to global leaders like Monsanto, showcasing her expertise in tissue culture and molecular biology. Osnat is not just a leader in biotechnology but also a testament to perseverance and resilience, as demonstrated by her achievements as a sub-four-hour marathon runner. Her unique blend of scientific acumen and personal determination makes her an invaluable asset to NetaGenomiX.

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