The next generation of sustainable, nutritious and climate resistant crops

our Mission

NetaGenomiX aims to develop, grow and supply superior annual and perennial, high-yielding, sustainable crop varieties, better adapted to climate change, with improved nutritional and health properties.

ripe-bunches-red-cherries-branches-tree Distree Agchimedes
Cherry Trees
Cherries are one of the most sensitive fruit crops to changes in early flowering time, which in turn increases risk of late frost damage. Warmer winters produce a lack of winter chilling or vernalization, which also directly impacts flowering, fruit set and yields. Early flowering could trigger the need for intense frost protection strategies in order to prevent direct frost damage to the crop
Avocado Trees
Global warming is also impacting avocado yields. Extreme climate events throughout the growing season can cause flower and fruit drop, prevent bees from pollinating the flowers as when the trees are under stress, they drop a lot of the fruit. In addition, hail can be catastrophic to the yield and to the trees themselves.
fresh-apples-apple-trees Distree Agchimdes
Apple Trees
Lack of sufficient winter chilling to break dormancy has a direct negative impact on apple yields. In addition, increases in outbreaks of diseases and insect pests of apple trees are more frequent because of warmer winters.

The Challenge

A significant hurdle in plant breeding is accessing many of agricultural traits that are masked by gene families. Current breeding programs often struggle to reveal beneficial phenotypes due to this functional redundancy.

With the pioneering technology developed by NetaGenomiX, access to previously inaccessible traits on a genome-wide scale is possible.

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