Regulating Gen Expression Volume in Planta

About ReGEV Bio

Inspired by the word “Regev,” which translates to “a clod of earth” in Hebrew, ReGEV Bio harnesses the power of nature. Embracing the slogan “Unlock the Plant’s Nature,” the company utilizes naturally occurring genetic mechanisms within plants to unlock the genetic code for specific traits.

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The Vision

Harnessing natural genetic mechanisms in planta to unlock the genetic background of specific traits by temporarily Regulating Gene Expression Volume (ReGEV) with the goal of boosting plants’ resilience to withstand the challenges of climate change.


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The Mission

To develop a straightforward and affordable platform to generate new products for controlling gene expression levels in plants with initial products focus on:

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The Technology​

Dimmer Silencing

By harnessing the capabilities of RNAi technology as a transient regulator, we aim to manipulate gene expression volume and to “Dimmer Silence” gene expression levels that results in specific phenotypic advantages.

The technology utilizes special RNAi structures to manipulate plant phenotypic plasticity, maximizing their genetic potential. This innovative approach is rooted in unique and efficient nucleic acid structures targeting specific traits.

The Value Proposition

ReGEV Bio’s products are designed to bring value to various market segments utilizing – RNAi for improved plant resilience:

For Farmers

For farmers, our solutions help optimize crop potential in existing genetic backgrounds to withstand growing climate challenges, offering a way to combat environmental stress.

For The Seed Industry

In the Seed Industry, the products enhance the adaptability of current seed varieties to climate change without their being genetically modified , allowing companies to maintain or expand their market share by providing improved propagating material through quick and straightforward processes.

A Swift Market Entry

ReGEV Bio's commitment to providing value extends to its stakeholders, who will benefit from a swift market entry facilitated by a solution that outperforms and complements traditional breeding methods.

ReGEV Bio will contribute to the environment and to global sustainability by reducing crop inputs, resulting in reduced adverse environmental impacts

The Team

Sami Shabtaei

Sami Shabtai


Sami Shabtai has a diverse and extensive professional background encompassing various leadership roles in the agricultural and biotechnological sectors.


He has vast experience in developing generic and innovative agrochemical products, leading commercial activities, and in driving sales growth across different regions. His expertise includes strategic planning, team management, with a strong focus on innovation and business development.

Miri Lapidot

Dr. Miri Lapidot


Miri Lapidot PhD in Biology from the Department of Life-Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Dr Lapidot has experience in physiology, molecular biology and biotechnology of plants and has specialized in the development of new technologies in the field of plant cell transformation systems and of viral based technologies. Her expertise also includes leading of research and development in various Ag-Biotech start-up companies. She is also currently leading the scientific activity at Hinoman Ltd, an Ag-biotechnology, specialized in growing Makai as specialized health food.

Her skills also encompass overseeing R&D initiatives in different Ag-Biotech start-up firms.

Gal Yarden, PhD

Dr. Gal Yarden


Dr. Gal Yarden brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial, scientific and executive management experience in the Agbiotech arena. In 2007, Gal was a co-founder and VP Business Development of Beeologics, an RNAi pioneering company, which was acquired by Monsanto in 2011. Gal then spent the following 8 years in senior scouting and business development operations within Monsanto, retiring when Monsanto merged with Bayer Crop Sceince. Dr. Gal Yarden is an investor in over 20 companies in the Agbiotech and Foodtech arenas, and serves as a Board Member in a number of them. Dr. Yarden is also amongst the 5 co-founders of the AgChimedes group, the holding company of NeoManna. Gal Yarden holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Ben Gurion University in the Negev.

Dr. Dan Weinthal

Dr. Dan Weinthal

R&D Lead

Dr. Dan Weinthal is an expert in plant pathogen interaction holding a PhD from Tel Aviv University and the ARO Volcanii center. With more than 10 years experience in genome editing and synthetic biology. He is the co-founder of TargetGene biotechnologies and previously served as the project leader of genome editing at BetterSeeds. Dan brings over 20 years of experience in plant & mammalian cell culture, synthetic biology and genome editing to his work.

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