Accessibility Statement

Accessibility statement document for AgChimedes Group

AgChimedes Group sees paramount importance in making its website accessible to people with disabilities.
Our website complies with the accessibility provisions of the 2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at AA standard, according to the W3C international organization.
Here are some of the steps taken to make this website accessible:
• The site allows you to change the font size.
• Navigation on the site is convenient and straightforward to use, with the option of switching between fields in the form using only your keyboard.
• Contrast adjustment is possible.
• Graphic objects have an alternative text (alt-text).
• All links are clear and contain an explanation of where they link.

Ways for applying of requests and suggestions for improvement regarding accessibility
AgChimedes Group makes every effort and invests a lot of resources in order to improve the organization’s accessibility as part of our commitment to provide mankind, including people with disabilities, the highest level of accessible service.
If you have a specific suggestion, please contact the accessibility coordinator:

Last update: 6/11/22

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