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Solutions to Viral Diseases

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Our Mission

To negate the impacts of bacterial and viral diseases on food security by creating a world without antibiotics combined with unique cutting-edge solutions to bacterial and viral diseases

Core purpose

To drastically reduce humanity’s reliance on antibiotics and to develop a simpler, more sustainable way to combat viral diseases in global livestock production and in crop plants

The Problem

Multiple Resistance to Antibiotics and the continuous threat posed by Viral diseases

Bacteria fluttering in blue plasma with chemical molecules

Multiple resistance to antibiotics

Multiple resistance to antibiotics across a wide spectrum of bacterial diseases compounded by a severe slowdown in discovery and development of new antibacterial treatments.
Agchimedes - Viral Diseases Continuous Threats

Viral Diseases Continuous Threats

Viral diseases continue to threaten the future of global plant and animal protein production for food consumption, as can be seen with the spread and outbreak of viral diseases in cassava, maize and rice and of Avian influenza (Type A) and African swine fever virus (ASFV) outbreaks across the globe

Our Solution

Our specialist-designed, antibacterial solutions based on highly specific bacteriophages targeting key bacterial diseases in fauna and flora are combined with antiviral solutions from a cutting-edge implementation of Gene Editing (GE) and gene silencing (RNAi)

Why Bacteriophages?

A bacteriophage (phage) is a virus that infects bacteria. In fact, the word “bacteriophage” literally means “bacteria eater,” because bacteriophages destroy their host cells. They are the natural enemies (viruses) of bacteria and one of the main regulators of bacterial populations on Earth

Their high efficiency is a result of a combination of viral propagation and millions of years of co-evolution with bacteria. Phages eliminate 50% of the Earth’s bacterial population every 48 hours and are the most abundant and omnipresent micro-organism on Earth.

They leave no ecological footprint as all they are composed of is proteins and DNA-RNA.

The rise of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria, however, together with consumer calls for antibiotic-free products, pose problems that threaten sustainable agriculture.

Bacteriophages are a viable bacterial disease control alternative to antibiotics.


Sustained Therapies - Poultry Biocontrol

Poultry Biocontrol

Bacteriophages and their derivatives are a novel and environmentally-friendly solution for the control of a variety of foodborne pathogens in Poultry - Salmonella and Campylobacter. Clostridium perfringens is also a major problem for the poultry industry, resulting in both clinical and subclinical infections of necrotic enteritis in chicken broilers. Cocktails of five highly specific phages could effectively control each of the above diseases, thus improve feed conversion ratios and weight gain and also making the resulting produce a lot safer for human consumption. In dairy herds, mastitis is one of the most important disease worldwide causing losses in the billions of dollars in milk production. Phage treatment can bring about a significant improvement in mammary gland pathology and a 4-log reduction in bacterial loads.
Agchimedes - Aquaculture Biocontrol

Aquaculture Biocontrol

Bacteriophages targeting bacterial disease in commercial fish and shrimp production systems can easily and effectively replace antibiotics as a viable and affordable alternative and also guarantee disease free, safe to eat fish and shrimps, to the consumer.
Agchimedes - Plant Bio-Pesticides

Plant Bio-Pesticides

The industry lacks efficient anti-bacterial products to control bacterial diseases in plant crops. Currently disease control relies on prophylactic spraying of copper based fungicides to prevent the plants being infected, but these products have reduced efficacy and cannot be applied in excess, due to the toxic properties of copper. Phage therapy can be classed as organic and can provide both conventional and organic farmers with highly effective tools to control bacterial diseases in their crop plants.

The Team

Jonathan Henen

Co - Founder
Agronomy & Regulatory lead

Over 38 years experience in Plant Protection. Brings diverse & multidisciplinary knowledge in agricultural and food related technologies from both corporate and startup perspectives. Past Head of Development at Adama Agricultural Solutions. Scouted for the Fund set up by Bayer CropScience & Trendlines in Israel and is active in two startups in Food & AgTech. Jonathan holds a BSc & MSc from the Hebrew University.

Dr. Sergey Bujanover - Agchimedes' CTO

Dr. Sergey Bujanover

PhD Molecular Virology, BA Medicine,
MSc Pharmacology

A highly skilled scientist with extensive experience in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Immunology, Tissue Culture and Biodistribution studies in animals, in addition to unparalleled experience in working with phages

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